EVA Pod Button Label Decals
1/8 scale

EVA Pod Button Label Decals by ParaGrafix

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Exhaustively researched button nomenclature decals for every button in the EVA Pod model by Moebius Models.

Every single button top label is included (except for the two buttons that actually don’t have labels) in the proper typeface and size. Even at this small scale, each label is legible.

For those labels where no definitive text is available, noted 2001 archivist, Adam K. Johnson, has provided appropriate labels that match the control panels’ intended purposes.

Includes the little noticed Hawker Siddeley Dynamics logo.

Instructions include painting instructions to ensure that each button / button group is painted the correct color.

This set works with the stock kit interior and does not require ParaGrafix photoetch set PGX220, though the two sets work well together.

FOR KIT: Moebius 2001-4

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EVA Pod Button Label Decals by ParaGrafix EVA Pod Button Label Decals by ParaGrafix

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