18 inch Enterprise Window Templates
1:650 scale

18 inch Enterprise Window Templates by ParaGrafix

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Add accurate, easily lit* windows to the venerable Starship Enterprise kit from AMT with this template set.

This highly detailed set of templates includes window locations for the three variants of the 11 foot filming miniature - the 1st Pilot, 2nd Pilot, and Series Production versions. (The Mirror-Universe Enterprise uses the 2nd Pilot variant.)

Also includes a mini “protractor” to help ensure proper alignment of items on the saucer-shaped “primary hull”, as well as a jig for setting the proper radii for drawing or scribing the three grooves on the hull’s underside.

* Electronics not included.

FOR KIT: AMT610 & Classic (S951 and 6676) + AMT695 (Reliant)

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18 inch Enterprise Window Templates by ParaGrafix

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