Shipping Policies



First Class: $5.40 for 1 item.
First Class: $6.23 for 2 to 3 items.
First Class: $7.53 for 4 items. Five or more items ship Priority.
Priority: $10.00 for 1 to 10 items. $15.50 for 11 or more items.
All domestic items are shipped USPS with delivery confirmation. A tracking number will be emailed when your item is put out for delivery.


Zone A

1 item: $15.36
2 to 10 items: $22.25
11 to 16 items: $33.22
17 or more items: $44.38

Zone B
    Belarus, Cyprus, Indonesia, Latvia, Lebanon, Malta, Romania, Turkey, Vietnam

1 item: $16.88
2 to 10 items: $29.75
11 to 16 items: $45.33
17 or more items: $61.29

Zone C
    Gibraltar, Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal

1 item: $15.88
2 to 10 items: $25.43
11 to 16 items: $40.72
17 or more items: $54.78

Zone D
    Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand

1 item: $17.78
2 to 10 items: $29.23
11 to 16 items: $46.42
17 or more items: $62.24

Zones E
    Australia, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea

1 item: $20.73
2 to 10 items: $31.13
11 to 16 items: $47.75
17 or more items: $65.14

All Countries Other Than Those Listed Above.

NOTE: These orders received after 2:30 PM EST will ship the next business day due to the paperwork requirements of Registered Mail.

Shipped via Registed Mail. The $15.00 Registered Mail fee is added to the standard international rates. Tracking door to door for most countries. Check with your local Postal Service to determine if Registered Mail shipments will be tracked once they reach your country. Tracking information is provided after the package has been delivered to the Post Office.

1 item: $41.23
2 to 10 items: $51.63
11 to 16 items: $68.25
17 or more items: $85.64

Updated Shipping Costs to These Countries — December 19, 2017

Unfortunately the USPS has decided that they will no longer accept international Registered Mail Packages with preprinted address / postage labels. This means that all IRMP documention must be filled out by hand, and that information (including addresses, etc.) must then be entered by a postal employee. This can take 10 to 15 minutes per package, both for ParaGrafix and the Post Office. In addition, the online postage discount is eliminated. We therefore, unfortunately, have to add an additional $6.75 surcharge for shipments to these countries.

We apologize for the inconvenience and added expense.


Please contact ParaGrafix if you would like to request a quotation for insurance which will be billed separately.


Tracking International Packages

Tracking international packages can be ... interesting. You may see that a package has been "processed through ISC New York" (or similar wording) and nothing more for several days. In this case, it is in the hands of your local Postal Service and/or Customs Department. Once it has gone through the bureaucratic nonesense, tracking will begin again, subject to your local Post Service's policies.

Also, many countries have, for want of a better word, lazy postal carriers. It has been found that, especially in Germany and the United Kingdom, packages will be marked as "delivered" when the notice should read "postal carrier was too lazy to write out a notification to let you know that your package has arrived at the delivery office and you have to come in to the office to pay customs duty or VAT".

PLEASE track your packages often.


Returns are allowed within 7 (seven) days (1 week) from receipt of the package. You must contact ParaGrafix before returning a shipment — items received without prior authorization can not be credited and/or refunded. All returned items must be received in the original, saleable condition: this means that the item(s) must be securely packed against shipping damage. ParaGrafix can not provide refunds/exchanges for items which are damaged.

Please note — we do not accept returns or offer replacments for any items not purchased directly from ParaGrafix. Please contact your retailer.

Damaged goods

Goods damaged in shipping or that have arrived in a non-working state or have other manufacturing defects will be replaced at no charge. We require at least a photograph showing the damage to the item(s) and in some cases we will need to have the items returned to us so that we can investigate how the damage occured in order to prevent it in the future. If you can't supply digital images of the problem(s) then the parts must be returned. We will provide return shipping costs assuming the parts are actually damaged and/or unusable.

Unwanted goods

If you decide that you don't want the item(s) you ordered, we will be happy to provide a full refund of the item(s) cost, less shipping. We will send the refund via the method used to pay as soon as the item(s) is received in its original, saleable condition. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs. Please note that because of PayPal international currency exchange fees, we have to charge a $3.00 exchange fee for foreign returns — please note that this fee is only applicable to international orders.

Unclaimed Goods / Returned for Incorrect Address

Packages that are not claimed at the local post office*, or those that have an incorrect address, and are returned to ParaGrafix will be handled in one of two ways — we can refund the price of the item (NOT including shipping costs), or send a PayPal invoice for new shipping costs and try again. Please note that because of PayPal international currency exchange fees, we have to charge a $3.00 exchange fee on any orders where the purchaser elects to have us refund the purchase price — please note that this charge is only applicable for international orders. If no reply is received within 5 business days to the email concerning the unclaimed item, we will assume that a refund is preferred.

* Due to requiring a signature, payment of duty, payment of VAT, etc.



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