These Other People Can Build Your Model

PLEASE NOTE: ParaGrafix does NOT do commission building.

These people are available to build kits for people who want professional results but don't have the time, energy, or skill to do the work themselves. This list is provided as a service to the modeling community: ParaGrafix has no monetary relationship with any of these builders and we don't receive "kickbacks" if you hire any of them — we just like their work and hope they can help you out!

Alexander Rivera

Alex's models are a sight to behold — he contributes regularly at HobbyTalk in the Science Fiction and Moebius Models forums. You can see his building blog at

Alex can be reached at or by phone at (787) 851-4976).

E. James Small - Small Artworks

You've likely seen Jim's work on the box for Round 2's re-release of the 1:350 Refit Enterprise, as well as his legendary Space: 1999 Eagles.

Visit Jim's website: Small Artworks

Robert Schmitt

Gorgeous work on a variety of subjects. Check out some of his models on his HobbyTalk page.

You can contact Robert at:

Simon Mercs - aka The Kit Factory

Excellent builds for over 10 years. Visit Simon's website: The Kit Factory

Joel Tavera

Joel's models are always impressive. Here are some of his "publicly" displayed models on CultTVman.

You can contact Joel at:

Steve Causey

You've seen Steve's excellent work on HobbyTalk and other forums under his screen name "Steve123". Check out some of his work, featured at Irwin Allen News Network (IANN).

You can contact Steve at: or call (720) 327-7397.

Gemini Buildup Studios

Custom buildups of all types: hardware, figures, and everything in between. See Gemini's gallery of past commissions and details for your custom model at:

Mark Myers

Mark's been modeling for over 30 years. Examples of his work can be seen in Hobby Merchandiser Magazine (9/2008), Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller volume 24, and at Irwin Allen News Network (IANN). You can contact Mark at:



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